The Biter is a relatively common enemy of Amorphous+ in possession of several large fangs. It is blue in colouration. No matter how deep a player gets into a nest, the Biter will be one of the most dangerous threats. Few glooples can survive the biters lunge. You are awarded 8 points for splatting a Biter.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Regardless of how deep one gets into a Gloople nest, one of the most dangerous Glooples will always be the Biter. Neither rare nor passive in any sense, the Biter is the primary hunting mechanism of a Gloople nest.

Very similar to Green Glooples in organic composition, the Biters are equipped with much more complex and well developed synaptic fiber clusters and the ability to grow shaped, keratinous protrusions connected to the central mass by sinuous tensile strands. The "teeth" calcify within the body of the Biter over only a few hours, so those that are broken away are quickly replaced. Biters have quicker and more durable outer membranes suited to anchoring it's teeth while biting. Because of this tougher membrane, Biters are unable to absorb small matter into their bodies, but their greater musculature does allow them to make short distance lunges in an attempt to snag or pin down prey.

Due to their physiology and role in the nest, Biters are very aggressive and very persistent at pursuing prey or threats to the nest. The vast majority of human injuries are due to these Glooples. In addition, some experts speculate that because of their similarly rudimentary organic composition to that of a commmon Green Gloople , it may be possible that they are capable of reverse mitosis.



A Biter, fangs extended for the kill

The Biter will chase you and, when close, will lunge at you to bite. Either attempt to splat the Biter as it is lunging at you, or dodge the lunge and splat it from the side.

Biters have the ability to combine much like the Green Gloople. If Biters combine together, they will form the aptly named Horror: An exceptionally difficult enemy that will likely kill you within moments. Because of this, if you spot a Biter on the field, it is recommended that you deal with it quickly, especially if multiple Biters are on the field at the same time.

Related Awards Edit

Self Preservation Edit

Awarded for slaying a Biter.

Tooth Collector Edit

Awarded for slaying 70 Biters.

Unfortunate Edit

Get killed by a Biter just as it spawns.