A clutter is a semi-common enemy that shoots its own spawn at the player. The spawn will latch on, the extra weight slowing you down, eventually preventing movement and the use of the sword. It is possible to remove a Clutter via centripetal force, meaning that the Clutter spawn will roll away when the player spins around quickly enough. "Splatting" a Clutter will release its spawn, which will attempt to avoid you. In the spawn of about a few minutes (please verify), a Clutter spawn will mature into adulthood, being able to fire its own spawn at you in turn. Thus, it is possible to farm points with  Clutter spawn and adults.

Bestiary Entry Edit


A Clutter firing spawn

Simple organisms are noted for their ability to reproduce by self-duplication, normally in the form of mitosis. However, most Glooples do not exhibit this trait. The Clutter, however, has the ability to produce similar organisms to itself at an alarming rate and even uses them as a method of bringing down threats to the nest. A clutter is a veritable duplication factory, and is in the constant stages of bearing small versions of itself within it's body. These "babies" develop very rapidly within the protective confines of their parent Gloople, and upon completion are projected at foes from a distance.

Clutter spawn are considerably sticky after being freshly jettisoned from the bodies of fully grown Clutter, and tend to stick and impair an intruding threat to the nest. Baby Clutters cling well and their bulk weight will eventually burden down an opponent, particularly if several siblings are attached as well. Even if shaken free, these infant Glooples begin a process of very rapid growth and can reach full size and adulthood in mere moments - where they can then produce spawn of their own.

Even if destroyed, an adult Clutter is a threat. As it's outer membrane is breached, any developed spawn within it's body are freed to immediately begin growth into adults. In addition, Clutters are cautious and observant enough to try and stay out of reach of any potential threats.



Player covered with Clutter spawn to the point of immobility.

The Clutter can be very problematic, especially when Glooples such as the Biter or Meltie are nearby. It would be in the player's best interests to slay them first to make gameplay more simple and straightforward.

Clutter splat points can be maximized by swinging the SplatMaster 3000 as soon as the Clutter fires its spawn at the player. This will result in at least two kills with a single swipe, adding up to a possibility of immense points being gained.

Related Awards Edit

Replication Edit

Awarded for splatting a Clutter.

Litterbug Edit

Awarded for splatting 50 adult Clutters.

Bully Edit

Awarded for chasing a Clutter off the screen without swinging.

Purple Heart Edit

Awarded for clearing a nest with a baby clutter attached.

Friendly Edit

Awarded when the player is swarmed by baby clutters.