The Fuzzle is a small Gloople that is covered in fur. It attacks the player by getting ready and pouncing at

the player swiftly. It takes 3 hits with the Splatmaster 3000 to kill. The first two hits will shed its fur and the last hit will finish it off. When it loses its fur then it will stop attacking and instead focus on staying away from the player to regrow its fur. A hairy Fuzzle will lose its hair when stepping in Meltie acid and a bald Fuzzle will disintegrate like normal.

Appearance Edit

Fuzzles are circular, and are apricot in coloration. They also have a thick coat of brown fur, and sharp teeth that are only seen when they attack.

Bestiary Entry Edit

A peculiarity among Glooples, the Fuzzle is possible the least like any other Gloople that has been previously observed. The Fuzzle's outer membrane is extremely thick, more like a tough hide than the filmy membrane of it's relatives. Additionally, the Fuzzle grows a thick coat of fur around the whole of it's body, which gives it additional protection from harm. These elements make the Fuzzle extremely tough compared to other Glooples of it's size.

This durability is matched by a much more advanced mandible, which mimics the jaw of a more typical creature, complete with teeth. Fuzzles are capable of longer-distance lunges and more precise movements than it's simpler cousin, the Biter. Even mutual hazard such as pools of acid, open flame and damage from other hostile Glooples cannot immediately dissuade a Fuzzle from it's prey.

Even more alarming is that, as it is wounded and it's coat is damaged, the Fuzzle will attempt to avoid any further threats for a short time. This allows it's exceptionally high metabolic rate to regrow it's coat in only a matter of moments, restoring any lost durability it may have suffered.

An extremely dangerous Gloople and a much more advanced hunting machinge than it's predecessor, Fuzzles should be dealt with quickly and carefully.

Related Awards Edit

Hairball Edit

Awarded for slaying a Fuzzle.

Tribble Edit

Awarded for slaying 20 Fuzzles.

Clean Shave Edit

Awarded for shaving a single Fuzzle's fur three times.