Not to be confused with the Green Gloople.

Glooples are the enemies in Armorphous+, encountered in a Single Nest, Bounty Run, or in Practice mode. They come in 17 different types, each of which has its own appearance, behavoir, abilities, and potential hazards to the player. Most Glooples have a similar general shape: a round, regularly pulsating form. However, some unusual Glooples such as the Grinder, Void Eater, Horror, Queen, and Razor Queen are more unique and complex in their anatomy.

For the purposes of simplicity, herein Glooples are classified into 3 levels of intelligence: None – movement behavior is not based on the player's location; Mild – movement behavior is not sophisticated but tracks the player to a degree; High – movement behavior is more elaborate and actively tracks the player.

Types of Glooples Edit

Normal GlooplesEdit

Green GloopleEdit

The Green Gloople is the simplest gloople- A slow moving green blob that cannot deal any damage, but can bump into you and knock you around. Useless alone, but they can become far more dangerous if allowed to combine into higher level Glooples.


A yellow, star-shaped Gloople that is almost the same as the Green, but rather than bumping the player, they will pop into a sticky substances that slows down the Player and any low-level Gloople that crosses into the liquid for 10 seconds, unless they have the Hazard Suit equipped.


Quite a dangerous Gloople that jumps forward at the player for a distance equivalent to about 3 standard Glooples. If it hits the Player or any low-level Gloople, they die.


Very similar to the Stickie, but it's substance is an extremely strong acid which will kill the character, unless they have the Hazard Suit.


Usually, it's exactly the same as the Green Gloople. However, whenever it is threatened, spikes come out of its body, rendering it invulnerable.


A purple Gloople, it will spit its own children at you to slow you down. When it is killed, or the children are shaken off, they begin growing up, and will do so in around 10 seconds, Baby Clutters can be good for combos, if there are enough.


A black Gloople, it functions similarly to the Meltie. However, it has a slightly improved ability to navigate, and when it "pops", it releases a slippery black fluid. If this Gloople comes into contact with the player, it will blind them for around 5 seconds, unless they are wearing a Hazard Suit. The fluid they leave on the ground does not blind, but makes whatever it touches slide for a few seconds. It is also flammable; do not let it ignite.


An especially dangerous Gloople, because of it's difficulty to kill. In order to kill it, its outer layer needs to be cracked. This can be done in several ways, including Meltie acid, crashing into another Grinder, hitting an instant wall, or a hit with the Razor Glaive. After this, it will take either 5 hits with the SplatMaster 3000 or 2 with the Razor Glaive.


Fuzzles behave very similarly to Biters, leaping at you to kill you. However, as their name implies, they have a coat of brown fur. It can be shaved with two swings of the SplatMaster3000, causing it to lose its attack and avoid combat. However, if given enough time, its fur will regrow.


Oozles are the result of two Green Glooples merging together. They will slowly follow you, killing you or any weak Glooples they come in contact with. They can be slain in three hits with the SplatMaster3000, or one with the Razor Glaive.



Frosties are small, sky blue Glooples. They move at high speed, and will freeze everything in a small radius upon contact. You can unfreeze faster by moving the mouse around.


Grays are the result of an Oozle and a Green Gloople merging together. They are grey with small tendrils. They are similar to Oozles, but are equipped with a long tendril attack that can pull you in. However, this attack also leaves them vulnerable. They take three hits to kill.


Amalgams are considerably dangerous Glooples that appear late in the game. They can eat not only the player, but other Glooples as well, causing them to expand in size, thus increasing their health. And if they get big enough, they divide in two.

Horror Edit

Horrors are the result of two Biters merging together. They are blue and are covered in spikes. They can easily shred you and other Glooples. They have two attacks: shooting small spikes in multiple directions, and firing four large homing spikes at the player. The latter attack will leave them vulnerable.

Void Eater Edit

Void Eaters are the result of a Gray and a Green Gloople merging together. They are dark purple with six long tendrils. While they only take one hit to defeat, they are very dangerous because of their powerful attacks. One is a density beam that will pull in and vaporize almost anything. For the other, it turns into a vortex that also pulls in everything (albeit with less force) and explodes when something gets near.


Queens are very dangerous Glooples that sometimes appear near a nest's end. They are red and wield two yellow swords. They will either swing or lunge at the player, easily decapitating them. When the player takes a swing, they will swiftly dodge if they can. They also spawn small red bugs. These bugs are easy to splat, but if they come in contact with a weak Gloople, it will turn it into another Queen.

Secret Glooples Edit

These Glooples are not visible in Practice Mode and Bestiary, until they will be found.

Razor Queen Edit

The razor queen is a large, navy blue/gold Gloople that can not be encountered until all other Gloople species have been discovered. It takes five hits to defeat, wields two golden razor blades, and has many attacks. These include lunging, dropping proximity mines, and digging into the ground to fire spikes, spike balls, and razor mites at the player. Defeating her will reward you with the Razor Glaive.

Extra Glooples Edit

These Glooples are not visible in Practice Mode, and they are parts of other Glooples.

Baby Clutter Edit

Queen Larva Edit

Razor Larva Edit

Razor Mite Edit

Mythical Glooples Edit

These Glooples can be found only in game, but not in Nests.

Guarder Edit

Mythical Extra Glooples Edit

These Glooples are Mythical Glooples which are also part of Glooples.

Leech Edit

Types of Glooples (Wikia Sort) Edit

Normal Edit

Normal Gloople, can't fuse and don't leave a puddle after death.

Normal (Can fuse) Edit

Gloople that can fuse but it's not a Fusion by itself. (Gloople, Biter)

Puddle emit Edit

Gloople that leaves a Puddle of goo. Instead of goo that Normal glooples leave, it's lifetime is much longer and it have special features that works on Player and Most of other glooples. (Stickie - Sticky Goo, Meltie - Acid Goo, Inkie - Oil Goo)

Fusion (Can fuse) Edit

A gloople that can't spawn naturally (Not counting Practice Mode) and the only way to make self is by Fusing two other Glooples. Fusion can fuse with base gloople to make even more powerful glooples. (Oozle, Gray)

Fusion Edit

A fusion that can't fuse with a base gloople no longer. (Horror, Void Eater)

Recoverer Edit

A gloople that can regenerate self by recovering health, creating another self or creating it's base gloople if it's a Fusion. (Clutter, Queen, Horror,Fuzzle)

Extra Edit

A gloople that's not mentioned in Practice mode/Bestiary and can't spawn naturally. It begins to gloople that can create it. (Queen's Larva, Razor Queen's Larva, Baby Clutter)

Secret Edit

A gloople that not mentioned in Practice mode and Bestiary until it won't be found. (Razor Queen)

Hacked Edit

More info on it's page: Hacked Glooples

Mythical Edit

Mythical glooples that can't be proved as true, but there's some things in game that can prove their existence. Probably not to find in nest, only in-game. (Guardian, Simple [Not official names])