Grinders are very large, rock-like Glooples that only appear on big nests or larger. They move slowly and

will obliterate anything in their path, even a player wearing armor. They take five swings of the SplatMaster 3000 or two swings of the Razor Glaive to defeat, but this can only be done by breaking its outer shell. They reward 100 bounty upon defeat.

A Grinder's outer shell can be broken via:

Bestiary Entry Edit

Grinders are more similar to their much smaller relatives than it may first appear. This Gloople secretes from it's outer membrane an extremely powerful adhesive which slowly solidifies to a mineral hardness. The Grinder uses this sticky secretion to collect various pieces of rock loosened or dug out during the excavation of the nest. These fragments of stone collect and compress into tight layers as more the thick adhesive seeps around the cracks and collects more stone. Once the Grinder has reached a certain density, it ceases to produce the organic glue and actively facilitates the continued compacting of it's stony shell by constantly rolling through rock beds.

At this stage, the Grinder begins to heat up greatly at it's core, and this intense heat in addition to the tight compression of the inner layers of stone causes the deepest layers to become slightly molten and gain the ability to shift with the momentum of the Grinder.

Not particularly aggressive, the Grinders in a nest are generally used to bash apart any obstructions during the construction of a nest, or to simply crush anything which might threaten the nest. Though not particularly fast, a Grinder's speed can be surprising, and it's incredibly hard shell makes it all but invulnerable to harm while the stone is intact. The best course of action is generally to move out of the way as soon as possible.

Strategy Edit

The best way to deal with the Grinder is to simply avoid it. Unless its outer shell is damaged, the Grinder is impossible to damage. The Grinder is also one of the few Glooples that are consistently one-hit-kills throughout the entire game.

Related Awards Edit

Excavation Edit

Awarded for slaying a Grinder.

Fault Line Edit

Awarded for slaying four Grinders.