A horror is what you get when two biters get together.

Though very rare,it can happen.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Reverse mitosis, normally observed between common Glooples, lend much more dangerous organisms. Biters, an already very dangerous Gloople, are very clearly capable of this feat as well, and doing so produces one of the deadliest Glooples ever catalogued - the Horror. With increased mass, more developed behaviour and an unmatched arsenal of biological weaponry, the Horror is a nightmare to any human attempting to confront it. Wile a Biter is generally able to expose only a few of it's keratinous teeth at any time, the Horror can expose and utilize a huge number of these sharp extrusions all at once.

Constantly surrounded by rapidly rotating tracks if these teeth, the Horror needs to do little more than drive itself into most foes to shred them into unrecognizable ribbons. Unfortunately this terror is able to release a row of these teeth at will and allow them to fly at deadly velocity away from its body to bury into any unprepared opponent. What's worse, these loosed teeth are seeded with a powerful genetic spore which, if buried into the mass of a common Gloople, triggers a rapid mutation of that organism into a Biter.

The Horror is also capable of a sort of controlled division, during which it casts out a group of subordinate toothy disks at it's prey which then return and recombine into the creature. Use all available measures to prevent such a creature from forming.


Its first attack is shooting its fatal spikes at you and worse, if a common gloople gets hit it turns into a vicious biter. Its other attack is throwing four small spiked discs at you. (that are the outside of his body.)


the first way to kill it is to kill it when it splits into discs, the exposed horror will be a hard but defenseless target. the other way is to just wait a long time avoiding it and it will die by itself,no joke.(of course it might just have a limit of how many glooples it can run into.)