The Meltie is a common, but dangerous, enemy in Amorphous+ that is orange in color. The Meltie has a moderate targeting ability. It will attempt to guide itself into a player, but if you sidestep it, it will rarely have enough room to turn back around and will generally hurtle off the edge of the field.

When the Meltie is splatted, either by the Player or another Gloople, the splat stain will persist for a while and create a puddle of acidic goo. This goo will semi-instantly kill anything that travels through it, whether it be player or another Gloople (With a few exceptions). The entity that travels through the Meltie's puddle will stop instantly and burn for a second or two before disappearing.

Bestiary EntryEdit

All Gloople's internal organic compounds are slightly acidic, though most at only a very minor level. Melties, however, possess an extremely voracious acid within their bodies, held back by only a thin protective membrane. Though they are more complex organisms than the common Gloople, they are incapable of complex behavior, presumably due to the fact that their synaptic and biomechanical components require such specific and extensive protective coating and structures to be able to function within the deadly acid that composes their fluids.

Like Stickies, the Meltie's behavior patterns are primarily to move toward whatever threat or target the nest has identified. Melties are not particularly rare, and their highly caustic fluids are more than potent enough to be fatal to any human, and as such they are a great threat to any venturing into a nest. However, very few other Glooples are as well-protected from this acid as the Meltie itself is, and as such a burst Meltie can cause havoc among other Glooples as readily as it can human intruders.

In any case, extreme caution is advised anywhere in the vicinity of one of these acid "bombs", and the appearance of one should always garner caution and one's full attention.


The Meltie is one of the most dangerous common Glooples because it can instantly kill the player no matter the circumstances. Even the Reactive Armor cannot protect you from Meltie Acid. The Meltie acts much like a suicide bomber and attempts to guide itself into the player and kill it. A single well timed swing can easily dispatch a Meltie, but exercise care with the puddle from the dead Meltie. Occasionally the swing can cause the acid to splat towards the player and will kill him.

Much like its cousin, the Stickie, the puddle of goo can be used to your advantage. Common enemies like Green Glooples will suicide into the puddles because they cannot move out of the way, and smarter Glooples like Biters can be guided into walking into acid puddles and killing themselves. Using acid puddles can save you the headache of dealing with some enemies, and is even required to kill some breeds of Gloople.