The Oozle is a semi-common enemy in Amorphous+ that appears when two Green Glooples combine

together. Oozles will attempt to collide with the player, and kills the player by absorbing the player into its mass. Oozles have higher health than normal Glooples, requiring three swings instead of one. You are awarded 15 points for splatting an Oozle.

Bestiary EntryEdit

The result of the peculiar quality of reverse-mitosis which Glooples exhibit, the Oozle is the compunding of two compatible common Glooples into a single, much larger and more complex organism. The Oozle, firstly, is of adequate size to absorb threats as large as humans. Thus, their behavior is also somewhat altered in that they are able to actively pursue such a target in an attempt to simply come in contact with and absorb it.

Because the Oozle is much more massive and it's external membrane is much thicker than it's smaller components, much more trauma is required to the Oozle's outer skin in order to breach it. The Oozle's lumbering mass is generally not disturbed by much of any type of damage to it's body - even that which is significant to do it harm. Therefore, it is wise for any attempting to attack this brute to do so from behind, as it's large size also adversely affects it's movement speed.


The Oozle attempts to kill you simply by moving towards you and absorbing you. The Oozle requires three hits to be killed, and the Oozle does not slow or flinch in any way when slashed, so frontal assaults will often get you killed.

This large enemy is relatively slow and has a wide turn radius. Because of this, you can easily get behind an Oozle. Then, it is simply a matter of just staying behind it and unleashing a volley of slashes to splat it.