The Razor Queen is an incredibly rare and extremely dangerous boss Gloople that can only be found once you have encountered every other Gloople in the game. It may appear long into bounty run, but has a higher chance of appearing if there are only 14 Glooples left in a nest.

A Razor Queen has several methods of attack and takes five hits to kill. It is constantly defending itself with its large claws, and occasionally spawns small, spiky balls that will burst into a wave of spines if you get too close. If you get too far away, it dig itself into the ground and fire waves of projectiles at you, ranging from simple, thin spikes of bone, to large spiky balls, to razor mites, which dig through the ground and leap out to attack you. Though the spikes will impale you if you are unarmored, reactive armor will make them bounce off instead.

Appearance Edit

The Razor Queen has a distinct look to it, with its large yellow razor arms and blue skin. It has a huge razor on the tail, which is for swinging at the player. Its body is lined with more razors to make attacking the Razor Queen difficult. 2 more long razors protrude from its back. It drops small teeth as it moves around, which do not affect the player.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Very rarely, a nest that reaches a high level of maturity in which a Queen is born will have an unusually high concentration of Biters among its populous. Through a specific mutation due to the prevalence of Biter genes in the nest, a Razor Queen, or Biter Queen, may be born. An organism of remarkable complexity and elegant lethality, such an aberrant queen is an almost insurmountable opponent.

The Razor Queen seems to combine properties of several other types of Glooples. Like a Queen, her primary method of attack and defense are pairs of massive bladed limbs which she wields in much the same way, raking and slashing at potential enemies. Like Biters, she constantly produces a hard, keratinous material at an extremely high rate which she uses to form various projectiles, and sheds the excess as teeth from her body. Worse, she appears to be able to use an advanced from of of the Queen's larva-producing ability to create subordinate organisms adorned with these bladelike spines.

The Razor Queen is extremely well-protected, and opportunities for attack are rare. The Razor Queen is the most dangerous enemy one could potentially face in any nest.