The Rewards Case

Rewards are unlockable upgrades that can be obtained through the use of Keys in the Rewards Case. There are eleven standard rewards and one special reward available after the player slays the Razor Queen.

Rewards are either wearable or reusable. Wearable rewards are always used if you have selected them and cannot be renewed after they break (if applicable). Reusable rewards are deployable and can be used any number of times, but usually last a limited time and have a cooldown timer.

Rewards Edit

Sprint Edit

Reward – Sprint

Sprint is an ability that allows the player to run twice as fast for about 3 seconds. Once the usage bar icon is empty, the player will not be able to sprint for a short time. The usage bar will begin to refill any time the player is standing still even if it is not completely empty.

In-game description:

Through intensive physical training and stamina exercises, this ability will allow for short bursts of much faster movement. While in use, Sprint will allow you to manuever [sic] quickly and even offeset [sic] some hazards which may normally impede travel. Use caution, however, as Sprinting is exhausting and you must find opportunities to rest and regain your endurance.

Grenade Edit

Reward – Grenade

The Grenade is a piece of reusable equipment that kills all Glooples [verification needed] within its damage radius after being thrown. If the player is also within its damage radius, the player will also be killed; if the player is just outside it, the player will be temporarily stunned. The Grenade has a fuse of 1.5 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown timer.

In-game description:

A high-explosive concussive grenade which creates a powerful pressure wave upon detonation, causing severe trauma to any target within it's [sic] damage radius. Note that while extremely potent, these types of concussive weapons carry a high risk of unfortunate accident: be sure to stay clear of the blast and give it a good throw.

Lure Edit

Reward – Lure

The Lure is a piece of reusable equipment that, when deployed, causes most intelligent and semi-intelligent Glooples to target it instead of targeting the player. It lasts 15 seconds and takes 10 seconds for its usage bar to refill until it can be deployed again.

In-game description:

Experimentation into the biology of the Gloople and behavior of the nest has lead to the R&D department to develop this small gas-grenade. Once thrown, it will begin to emit a powerful enzymatic pheremone which will overpower any other stimuli the nest may be responding to. Any Glooples in the area will turn their hostilities toward this device. However, some more advanced Glooples may not be fooled, and the lure's chemical payload is limited.

Inhibitor Edit

Reward – Inhibitor

The Inhibitor is a piece of reusable equipment that temporarily reduces the number of Glooples that spawn onscreen once thrown. It lasts 20 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown timer until it can be used again.

In-game description:

A more high-tech product of the anti-gloople R&D department, the Gloople Nest Coordination Inhibitor, or Choker as it is sometimes referred, sends out confined-band directional electrostatic pulses. These pulses confuse the communicative abilities of the Gloople nest on the whole, and prevents them from effectively coordinating an attack. In short, this device reduces the amount of Glooples which are able to attack for a brief time.

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