The Sharp is a Gloople found in big and huge nests. It will first appear as cyan, but will extend its spikes

when detecting anything in front of it, requiring the player to get behind them in order to get a hit. If the player attacks a Sharp while its spikes are out then the player will flinch, but the Sharp will also be thrown out of control for a while, allowing the player to throw it offscreen if they don't want to deal with the Sharp.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Sharps are generally found to be a defensive tool of the nest rather than a function of hunting or utility. This Gloople has the ability to both shape and harden it's outer membrane in response to it's surroundings, and is one of the more externally aware and perserpitive Glooples to be discovered. When threatened or approaching a threat, the Sharp coils internal threads of sinous tissue and thrusts these out against it's outer membrane causing spiny protustrusions. At the same time, it's skin is hardened into a shell-like enamel which produces several spear shape points.

The Sharp responds in this way to any dangerous stimuli it encounters, and while in this form is very durable. Once the hazard is no longer present, the Sharp returns to it's usual shape. Sharps are fairly agile and will continue to follow and attempt to skewer any threat they can identify until destroyed or driven away.