The Stickie is a common enemy in Amorphous+ that is yellow in coloration. The Stickie travels in a straight line and does not track the player, similar to the Green Gloople. When the Stickie is splatted, either by the Player or another Gloople, it will burst and the splat stain will persist for a while and create a puddle of sticky resin. This resin will stick to anything that travels through it, whether it be player or another Gloople (With a few exceptions). The entities encased in the resin move at a slower rate than normal for a short time.

It can also overpower some Glooples:

Biter - Can't attack

Fuzzle - Can't attack

Sharp - Can't harden/Shapeshift/Use Spikes (Sharp can only be blocked by Adhesive goo if not using Spike form)

Torchie - Can't burn (It will defuse the Torchie if it is burning) (The base tactic of killing them, instead of waiting)

Bestiary EntryEdit

Stickies possess much of the same composition as Green Glooples, and very little additional behavioral functionality. They possess a much thinner outer membrane and a thick, viscous binding agent in their organic plasm. When a Stickie comes in contact with anything solid, they burst and release this adhesive goo. This acts as both a defensive measure to obstruct threats to the nest, and as a tool to aid more deadly Glooples in catching prey.

Stickie goo is a very effective substance at restricting movement and also has insulative properties. The goo, however, like most Gloople composition, breaks down after only a short time due to open-air exposure and friction, and is in no way permanent. Behaviorally, the Nest simply directs the closest Stickie toward whatever it wishes to gum up - the Stickies have very little ability to make fine adjustments to their course of travel and lack any sort of observational skills.


While the Stickie itself cannot kill you, its sticky goo can do a very good job at helping other Glooples kill you. Killing a Stickie is much like killing a Green Gloople: They move in straight lines and require only a single hit to kill.

After a Stickie is killed, you can often use the puddle of goo to your advantage by positioning yourself so more threatening breeds of Gloople will run into the puddle and slow themselves down, thus making them easier to kill.