Normal Edit

Normal Gloople, can't fuse and don't leave a puddle after death.

Normal (Can fuse) Edit

Gloople that can fuse but it's not a Fusion by itself. (Gloople, Biter)

Puddle emit Edit

Gloople that leaves a Puddle of goo. Instead of goo that Normal glooples leave, it's lifetime is much longer and it have special features that works on Player and Most of other glooples. (Stickie, Meltie, Inkie)

Fusion (Can fuse) Edit

A gloople that can't spawn naturally (Not counting Practice Mode) and the only way to make it is by Fusing two other Glooples. Fusion can fuse with base gloople to make even more powerful glooples. (Oozle, Gray)

Fusion Edit

A fusion that can't fuse with a base gloople any longer. (Horror, Void Eater)

Recoverer Edit

A gloople that can regenerate self by recovering health, creating another self or creating it's base gloople if it's a Fusion. (Clutter, Queen, Horror, Fuzzle)

Extra Edit

A gloople that's not mentioned in Practice mode/Bestiary and can't spawn naturally. It begins to gloople that can create it. (Baby Clutter, Queen Larva, Razor Larva, Razor Mite)

Secret Edit

A gloople that not mentioned in Practice mode and Bestiary until it won't be found. (Razor Queen)

Hacked Edit

More info on it's page: Hacked Glooples

Mythical Edit

Mythical glooples that can't be proved as true, but there's some things in game that can prove their existence. Probably not to find in nest, only in-game. (Guarder, Leech)