The void eater is the 4th and final form of the basic gloople evolution. It spawns when a Green Gloople morphs with a Gray. While rare they are one of the deadliest glooples one will ever face. Their attacks consist of drawing the player into a death. The first being it transforming into a vortex and drawing the player and all glooples in towards itself then exploding when something comes nearby, it will use this if you are too close to it. The only way to disarm this attack is to let another gloople through itself at the void eater and die. The second and far more deadly attack is that it fires a concentrated beam that uses the same pull effect but instead of exploding it destroys anything that comes in constact with it. Your window to strike is either before it fires the beam or (more riskily) during when it cant react. You can also strike it just after it has used the explosive effect. Despite being a compound of a Gray and a Gloople, it can be splatted with one swing (provided it's timed correctly).

Bestiary Entry Edit

An incredible orgnism that seems to bend the rules of biology and physics alike, the Void Eater is a phenomenal threat to any intruder into a Gloople nest. Apparently with the compounding and compression of numerous already-dense simple organisms, the final product gains the uncanny ability to manipulate gravitational fields on a frightening scale. One could not even begin to guess at the physiology of such an organism, and a sample has never been recovered for (if such a study would even be possible).

What is known is that the Void Eater is able to produce powerful gravity wells by compressing it's form into a tiny point, thus drawing any and all nearby objects towards it. When any such object approaches within the vicinity of the Void Eater, the organism is capable of creating an incredibly destructive shockwave by rapidly compressing and decompressing it's mass. This shockwave decimates anything nearby with explosive fore in an instant. How any prospective attacker would even approach this creature is questionable.

In addition to this, it has been reported that in a truly baffling show of force, the Void Eater is able to use a moment to collect and compress local particles and then project this incredibly dense material in a type of "density stream" which would draw in and obliterate any nearby matter. Avoid at all costs.